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Team Ranking Pundit is one of the leading name of Digital world. Be it Web Development, App Development, Social Media Marketing, Political Campaign Management, Branding Campaigns; We have kept our flag high in each sector.

We are successfully serving hundred of clients worldwide. When it comes to political campaigns and candidates on social, so we exercise the sort of strategic skill, creative content and innovative engagement that they expect.

Role of Social Media Marketing in Politics.

Trend of politics has changed overtime in all countries. Be it India or America, social media has a huge role to play in making the image of novice and breaking the image of stalwarts. Social media marketing strategy is very critical to the success of their political campaign, in the age of the internet.

In a political decision battle winning is everything; there is no reassurance for being a second place. With the expanding infiltration of TV and web, voters today are increasingly educated, free and recognizing in making their choice. The conventional techniques for political crusade arranging while being valuable, need a significant move up to build up a compelling political decision battle procedure. Probably the most significant THREE inquiries that need addressed "Who are the most significant voters we have to win?" "Where and How would we contact them?" "What do we have to do and say to influence them to make their choice for us?" Understanding your voter and associating with them is the X-factor.We help you comprehend the voters' need – what might convince them – and the best method to connect with them

How does it work?

First of all we analysis the political situation of certain area and address their main concerns that are going to play a vital role in election

  • Then we design political campaigns accordingly.
  • We viral our posts over various channels like facebook, whtsapp, twitter and blogging sites.
  • We create hundred of fake accounts to create a pool of people from certain area.
  • addition to that we add masses over whtsapp also
  • Both paid and free campaigns are managed to perform activities.
  • Sponsored pages and groups are also a huge source of spreading our massage to people.
What you get from this?
  • Builing of a Positive Perception among masses.
  • Branding of your image and idea of politics.
  • Promote your strength aggressively to minimize your weakness.
  • Increasing popularity.
  • What will happen to opposition?
  • Destroy image of opponents.
  • Weaken their agenda of politics
  • Expose their weakness to an extent that people foget your opposition's strength.

Here’s a list of tips on how to plan social media political campaign for elections to help you with all the facets of leveraging social media, for your political party or yourself,

  • List your objectives

For order to succeed for social media political campaigns, every political party / politician needs to set long-term and short-term goals.

The short term goals should be all about,

  1. Developing a positive image about the party / leaders
  2. Creating a strong buzz about the party and its activities
  3. Involving leaders to become active in social media.
  4. Indulging in location centered advertisements in social media.

The long term objective is always to win the elections, with a formidable majority.

  • Plan your budget

Social media often incur costs if you employ a team of experienced experts to deal with social media marketing, albeit cheap compared to traditional media.Ranking Pundit provides accessible, skilled and results-oriented social media political campaigns for elections.

  • Know your audience

The base of a political party or candidate includes teenagers, middle-aged voters, women, senior citizens, individuals and activists who are aware and educated. Your profile on social media will discuss and engage your audience's wide spectrum.Social media marketing for political campaigns should also rely on the correct timing when the adience is active and the posts and activities advertised at the appropriate time.

  • Post audience –specific content

Besides building an ideal profile, the content you post should attract and influence the voters enough to respond to your posts. Ranking Pundit can help you in your political campaign's social media marketing by engaging the audience constructively. The more the content material is engaging, the more the voters!

  • Listen to, respect and be their voice

Hear the multitudes of voices, communicate with them, and build personal relationships with them by discussing their issues, acknowledging their situation, assimilating their views, and answering their questions and comments honestly.Share content such as images, photos, posts, news and related links on your social media account to help your audience and voters access correct information about you and any aspect of your campaign.

  • Highlight their participation

Highlight all of the audience's contributions in terms of their engagement and promotional activities at specific locations. A political party / politician's campaign message should be that of the general public, and this message should describe the election campaign through social media.

  • Evaluate the results

Ranking Pundit's social media marketing strategies help you evaluate campaign efforts to win voters and identify places that through your social media marketing activities have not leveraged the online impact. We, in various social media platforms, strategize the political campaigns to maximize the impact you've imagined.

How we do that?

We create images, short videos and memes to strengthen your image and popularity while same goes for Opposition, we use same tactics in negative way to create a feel of weaker opponant.

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